Restoring Lives Program "Restoring Lives to Live"
Restoring Lives Program"Restoring Lives to Live"

Our Purpose

Restoring Lives is a men's sober living facility is equipped to meet the needs of those who are seeking help transitioning out of an old lifestyle into a new more productive way of living.                                                                                      The population served are men twenty one years or older that are recovering from drugs or alcohol addiction, those in danger of incaration or those who have found themselves in a homeless situation for one reason or another.                                                          Restoring Lives Program goal is to provide a safe structured sober living enviroment that is conducive to recovery. We believe given these circumstances each individual can reach their full potential and attain their long term goals.                                         

                                                         What We Offer

Restoring Lives Sober Living Facility provides affordable housing  options by offering independent living style accomodations to residents at afforable rates rates as they continue their journey to recovery from drugs and/or alcohol addiction.  


For residents who show a sincere willingness to change and desire to continue their path to sobriety. This program is willing advocate on their behalf as they navagate their way through court system  requirements by court reporting on their behalf.                                                                                           Potential residents must agree to live by a few  common sense program guidelines that includes willingness to submit to random drug testing, abiding by regular curfew hours and maintaing the facility by participating in household duties 


Residents buy and prepare their own food in our commercial kitchen.   


Washers and dryers are available for residents use free of charge. 




                                                  Our Facility

Restoring Lives Facility operates as a sober living enviroment with a house manager living on site. We are located at 3314 West 61st St. Tulsa, Okla. just west of the river.


Residents have easy access to public transportation as Tulsa Transcient  public transportation bus stop is directly across the street from the  facility.


Job opportunities are conviently located, having Tulsa Hills shopping center within a two mile radus of the facility. In close proximity are manufacturing job possibilities.









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